We believe the best approach to innovation is a division of labour. We do not want to turn anyone with an idea into an entrepreneur. Instead we want to get those with ideas and those with entrepreneurial talent to work together to realize ideas – both would be better off. More ideas would be realized. 

To achieve this we want to:

  • guide you through the different stages to make the most of your idea;
  • help you find a good partner to develop the idea with you;
  • and make sure you can trust your partner.


… guide you through the different stages to make the most of your idea.

You have a brilliant idea. Now what? What to do? Where to go? How to proceed? How to realise your idea? Your idea is just the starting point. From here to a marketable product is a long journey. Your idea needs to be refined and developed. You need to figure out how to realize it: on your own or with partners. Then comes the practical work: turning an idea into a product that can compete in the market—turning an idea into an innovation. This is a lengthy process.

We want to help you on this journey by walking you through the process from inception to success. We cannot do the work for you; we can only give you pointers to make your journey easier and hopefully more successful.


… help you find a good partner to develop the idea with you.

We strongly believe the best way to succeed is to work together. You need not do everything on your own. You need not be or become the technical expert, the businessman, etc. You need not give up everything to try your luck as an entrepreneur. This is risky and often not very successful. We suggest: develop your idea further, and cooperate with someone, a gifted entrepreneur, a firm, able and willing to realize the idea with you. Together you can achieve so much more than on your own you probably ever could. Faster, more efficient, and to the benefit of you both.

But this is where is seems to get complicated. With whom? You don’t know anyone eager to work with you on this, anyone in the industry, anyone professional with expertise and experience. We can help you. We can help you find a good partner. Promp offers a platform to find a suitable partner to cooperate with and realize your idea. People are here because they want to work together.


… make sure you can trust your partner.

Most partners will be strangers to you. How can you possibly trust someone you do not know (or even someone you do) to have your interest in mind, who does not cheat you—least of all an expert that has all the advantages over you in making your idea a reality quickly and successfully? You cannot. We can.

Such cooperation in the innovation process can work only if you can trust your partner. A feedback mechanism can help to create the incentive for all partners to be fair and not to cheat one another. This is nothing new. You are already using such feedback – or also called reputation mechanisms – in a lot of circumstances. With your friends, with social networks, when you shop online, etc. By receiving feedback on your behaviour you establish a track record. If you misbehave this track record will be tarnished and no one will work with you ever again. So you should behave fairly or lose any chance in the future. You may think 'so what'. But be aware, you may not succeed on your own, and then lose any future chance that someone would work with you. You better behave fairly in the first place if you want to maintain any chance of cooperating again in the future.

To make such a reputation mechanism work we need to be sure you are who you say you are so you cannot cheat others repeatedly by using cheap pseudonyms. The platform keeps the feedback and displays it in your profile to give others an idea how fair you are. By collecting and making this data available innovation through cooperation can become a reality. You can now better trust your partner. All have a strong incentive to be fair and work together to make their idea a success.



Innovation through cooperation

This approach is not a quirky thought out of the blue. It is based on research and emerging opportunities new technologies and an interconnected world are increasingly offering. This approach is based on research, published in 2013 by Springer, titled 'Innovation through Cooperation' (find link here).

Based on this idea we came together as a team, to realize such innovation through cooperation. This platform is our contribution to foster innovation–to further democratize innovation and give everyone a chance to benefit from their ideas.

This is a first attempt. This is a beta version. We tried to keep it simple and accessible so you can make the most of it.